My Clique Jewelry
Our stunning, real silver jewelry is composable with accessories that inspire women to look and be amazing. Whether it’s creating unique pieces to express your personal style or starting a profitable business by selling products, you will love My Clique. Where LOVE IS IN THE CLIQUE!

MY CLIQUE CEOs and co-founders Edi and David Arjang are brothers based in New York City—a place in which chic, personal style is everywhere they look. After 30 years in jewelry design the brothers wanted a new, innovative and exciting creation. They sought to understand what women looked for in jewelry and how to create an entrepreneurial business opportunity for those who loved their collection the most. The answer revealed itself: All women dream of having the ultimate fine jewelry collection that suits her wardrobe and fits every occasion, style or mood.

The Arjangs put their minds together and created MY CLIQUE—a magical, one-of-a-kind jewelry collection that offers unlimited possibilities for a woman to express personal style and design her own private jewelry collection.

MY CLIQUE is all about women’s dreams. The brothers envisioned sharing their innovative spirit with others. They built a company for women to empower one another and channel their own entrepreneurial spirit as a My Clique Jewelry Consultant. The benefits are boundless—and include flexibility, extraordinary earning potential and personal success while sharing one’s own personal style.


Here at my My Clique, we believe in women, their entrepreneurial spirit, and an ever-expanding sense of creative possibility. Just like the jewelry we produce, those involved with My Clique are champions of personal expression. They are eager to unlock potential opportunity and empower one another to do the same. In today’s society, the non-conformists win, flexibility is essential, and not every woman’s lifestyle fits the mold. My Clique understands this, and with our boundary-free business model, we encourage our consultants to not only challenge themselves, but to enjoy life’s rewards as well.
Petrosyan Jewelry
Being of both Asian and European heritage, the designers have made fantastic pieces of jewelry incorporating two very different cultures. There are beautiful vintage pieces, as well as more modern-fashion taste if you prefer.

Petrosyan Jewelry offers a wide variety of natural gemstones, crystals, and pearls; made of either 925 sterling silver or 18K gold material. They also provide 3D modeling and customized options for a more unique touch.

Our boxes and packaging are handcrafted in a rustic style, using Middle-Age symbols to bring an authentic feel to your jewelry. After opening beautiful box your eyes will be pleasured by luxury piece of Art which make you feel like the King or Queen you truly are and you deserve it everyday.

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Petrosyan Jewelry
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